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Railway ToursThorya JPR

Railway Tours, or rail tours, allow you to experience travelfrom the past as well as the present. Watch the spectacular surroundings pass by from the comfort of a luxurious train cabin which will make you feel as though you’re in the 20’s: ‘the golden age of travel’.

The Eastern and Oriental Express offers you South East Asia on a silver platter, travelling along a route that takes in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and India. Other amazing railway tours include the Japanese Bullet Train, Trans-Siberian Railway, Rocky Mountaineer, the Belmond Royal Scotsman and Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, which will take you across continents and countries from one amazing city to another and into the great wilderness of the GREAT CANADIANA.

These trains also stop in various locations to enable you to properly immerse yourself in the area’s culture and atmosphere, before hopping back on board to continue your luxury journey to the next stop.¬†Contact us¬†today to arrange for your perfect luxury railway tour!

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