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The wonderful world of rail tours

Rail Tours are a completely different way to travel and are more to be compared with a cruise rather than other methods of travel as this kind of experience is usually done for the purpose of the experience and not just a method of transportation. These services are truly remarkable and offer a level of luxury as previously enjoyed in the past, or golden era of travel, where grand railway hotels were opened to offer a truly luxurious and unique experience unlike any other.

Discover the world of Belmond

Iconic hotels, trains and river cruises are dedicated to delighting every guest. The diverse portfolio embraces some of the world’s most thrilling destinations and breathtaking scenery to offer an experience and memories to savour for years and years to come.

Belmond Royal Scotsman (Scotland)

Journey through the Scottish Highlands past lochs, mountains and virgin coast. Breathtaking routes around the Highlands are complemented by a journey from Edinburgh to London, with stops at cities, castles, gardens and other great sights.

Belmond Northern Belle and Belmond British Pullman (United Kingdom)

Experience the ambience of Britain’s 1930s “Belle” trains while travelling through glorious countryside en route to some of Britain’s greatest sights and sporting occasions. Hand-crafted carriages featuring fabulous marquetry and murals create a spirit of celebration as you relax and savour fine cuisine and wine. Step into the golden age of travel aboard the authentic vintage carriages of this celebrated train to enjoy the view and let the scenery pass you by.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Europe)

Board the iconic train and enter a world of romance and adventure. Savour the train’s famous cocktails by the Bar Car’s grand piano and dine in one of the three glamorous Restaurant Cars. The majestic Alps and other great European sights slip past outside.

Eastern and Oriental Express, Asia

The ultimate way to explore hidden Southeast Asia-aboard its most elegant train. Embark on a Chronicles of Southeast Asia “land voyage”: journey in luxury through remote rainforest and mountains, stopping for excursions to exceptional off-the-beaten-track sights.

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